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Enter a world of erotic bliss with Fuckunator. An exclusive sex simulation title that you can play straight from your browser – no download needed!

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Fuckunator has been built from the ground up for horny dudes who love to jerk off to state of the art 3D porn games. Enjoy the best XXX simulation title around right now – it's free and will receive new sexy content updates every single month!

Design and customize your sexual partner to ensure that they meet your fucking needs!Fuckunator gives you full control over the models in question and even comes preloaded with dozens of famous pornstars that you can start to bang at a moment's notice. This is next-level hardcore porn gaming!

Exclusive Porn Game Features

Sexy Scenarios Available

Pick from dozens of unique scenarios to add a hot plot behind your sex simulation experience!

World Class Artwork

We have the best artists in the business who specialize in porn game rendering – exclusive and immersive graphics!

No Download Required

You are now able to play Fuckunator directly from your browser! Support provided for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

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Daddy's Little Slut

Your naughty daughter hasn't been doing her homework. How should you proceed with punishment?

Bukkake Addict

The girl next door has an addiction to getting facials from strangers. Team up with your buds and drench her!

The Blonde Cum Slut

She'll do anything in order to get a cock between her lips. Will you give her the satisfaction of your dick?

Workplace Spitroast

Your new secretary wants to get a pay raise. She's willing to take it from both ends in exchange!


Play Fuckunator For Free!

While a lot of the other porn games out there will charge you an absolute fortune in order to try them out, we want you to experience the full pleasure of Fuckunator without having to pay a single penny! Simply sign up for your free account and we'll send you an email: once your age is confirmed (18+ only, we are very strict on this!) you'll be able to enjoy one of the best adult sex games out there on the market! Fuckunator is proud to offer what we believe to be the very best non-paid adult game on the Internet today. Not only that, but we plan to produce this title over the coming months and years so that it's always the first thing you think of whenever you want to jerk off to a game.

We've worked tirelessly over the last 18 months to ensure that Fuckunator is compatible with most major browsers and will endeavor to patch out bugs and provide support wherever possible. When other XXX games out there on the market fail to keep themselves modern and fresh, the team behind Fuckunator is working around the clock to get the job done. We're seriously passionate about producing one of the best free online sex games and we won't rest until perfection has been reached!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Fuckunator right now and get down to the business of porn gaming!

Dozens Of Scenarios To Try

To add a bit of flavor to our free adult game, we've decided to develop a sophisticated system of scenarios that create a plot around the sex simulation sessions. These are totally optional, but we believe they're a stellar way for you to really enjoy the product we're providing. Sure, having sex without context is great, but why not add a backstory to really heighten the experience and get everyone into a state of pure erotic addiction? We want people to try Fuckunator once and then never bother with the other sex games on the market. Our team really believes that they have what it takes to give you one of the best porn games available – so give it a try and see how you get on. You'll love it from the get go – sign up and you'll soon see with your own eyes!

We'll continue to add new scenarios to our porn game every few weeks or on a monthly schedule: it totally depends on how well we feel the final offering is polished. The great thing about running Fuckunator through your browser is that patches are instant and seamless – no waiting, just instant erotic action delivered straight to your computer! How many free browser porn games can say that? There can't be many, but Fuckunator is one of them and yes, we love what we do! Try dozens of scenarios right now.

Plenty Of Incest Action!

Fuckunator has a special incest mode that allows you to go ahead and fuck all of your family members if you so desire. This is a setting you can toggle in the main options menu and based on what we've seen so far, people absolutely love the family-focused scenarios we've got on offer! Just be warned: you'll want to come back time and time again for more incest entertainment, so make sure that you're stocked up on tissue paper and lubricant! Fuckunator currently has 12 purely incest-themed plots, including dad and daughter, brother and sister, lesbian cousins and a bunch of other sexy arrangements. We even have a group sex setting if you feel like dialing up the incest action to extreme levels! Like all of our other scenarios, Fuckunator's incest offerings are fully customizable and you'll be able to design every last detail of the people involved. It's hot stuff – you won't stop wanking off!

The Future Of Fuckunator

Over the next 12 months, we plan to officially release our standalone client for those who want an offline mode, as well as 4K support (currently not available in most major browsers) and better optimization of system resources. Note that Fuckunator will always remain a free to play title, but we will offer freemium features down the road in order to support our fantastic development team. This will include additional pornstars that you can pay to fuck (currently working on Elsa Jean, Riley Reid and Vina Sky) and some special, lengthy scenarios that will take you to all-new exotic locations. We're excited about the future prospects of Fuckunator and we're confident that our fans will support us when we feel like our free porn game is in the right spot for a complete launch. We'll be sure to update our developer blog whenever we have new developments regardless!